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New Year Organizing vs Binging Another Streaming Series

Updated: May 9, 2023

Every January, my new year’s resolution is to be more organized, sound familiar? If organization does not come naturally to you, you may lose your ambition before you even get started, but please don’t. Organizing does not have to be daunting, particularly if you start small. I mean it, literally in 15 minute vignettes so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Surely, you can survive 15 minutes?

I recommend starting with the “junk” drawer that everyone pretends they don’t have. It is manageable in terms of a time commitment and has a high impact result.

I find that creating zones in the junk drawer is the best way to manage the wide variety of items you store here. The easiest way to create the zones I mentioned are with expandable drawer trays or drawer dividers. Chose what you like, bamboo, metal, acrylic or plastic. Either way, you will be able to easily group like items and quickly lay your hands on what you actually need in that dreaded junk drawer.

As you can see, a very simple approach is best and relatively pain free. Once you knock that off the list, you will feel confident enough to keep going on to more (or maybe even larger) projects.


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