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For the Love of Decluttering: Part 2

Last month, we discussed the broad strokes of decluttering. We are fast approaching spring, and we all get that cleaning bug, so let’s keep going so you have more tools in your arsenal against the clutter.  

Three moving boxes labled "keep" "donate" and "purge" in front of her on a table presumably.
This is my favorite method to declutter. Keep, Donate, and Purge boxes.

Previously, we discussed the following tips when tackling decluttering. 

  • Start Small and Have a Plan

  • Sort by Keep, Donate, and Purge

  • Be Prepared with Bins or Bags

Below, we will dive a little deeper into the following decluttering topics.

  1. Why declutter

  2. More ways to get started

  3. What not to do


1. Reasons to Declutter

There are so many reasons to declutter, many of them personal to everyone. But here are several heavy hitters.   

  • Reduce your stress and anxiety

  • Boost your mood, increase creativity & productivity

  • Minimize your carbon footprint

  • Save time & energy

  • Save money

  • Sleep better

2. More Starting Points

We previously discussed using a junk drawer or a laundry room as a starting point for decluttering.  In addition, you can start by removing expired items from your medicine cabinet or your pantry. These tend to be easy because they don’t usually have any emotional or sentimental attachment, and swift decisions can be made.  We will talk more about sentimental attachments in a future blog. 

3. What Not to Do 

There is no perfect or singular approach to decluttering, however, avoiding these pitfalls will help you to accomplish your decluttering goals.  

  • Starting without a plan

  • Organizing before decluttering

  • Keeping the same buying habits

  • Not immediately removing decluttered items from your home

  • Letting your emotions make the decisions

  • Attaching a monetary value to items

I want to hear from you, message me your questions on clutter! 


Stacy Gooding, owner at Good Order, LLC in Beverly, MA. Smiling blonde woman looking directly at the camera smiling in a jean jacket.

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