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What to expect when you work with Good Order

Our goal is to deliver the freedom organizing will bring to your life. No organizing solution is one size fits all, so, we always tailor a plan specific to you. Together, we will organize in a way that resonates with you and your lifestyle in mind!


We'll visit you in your home, assess how to help with the difficulties you have shared with us and get to work together to solve the challenges you have identified. It will always look worse before it looks better, so, be prepared.  


We will sort your items together and we will make suggestions to optimize space, accomplish your goals and improve functionality. It is important to get your input, otherwise, we're creating a system that only makes sense to us, not you.


It is possible to meet your organizational goals while respecting your comfort with the process and incorporating your personal style.


Organizing isn’t about perfection, it’s more of an imperfect practice that brings improvements to your lifestyle. 


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