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Holiday Cards—Keep or Toss?

Updated: May 9, 2023

What should you do with all the holiday cards you received this season? I am remiss to throw them away after all the expense and effort people make to send them, so I keep them, but I do it in a way that is tidy and practical.

I don’t love the idea of locking the cards away in a box, lost to the storage room. Instead, I like to use a loose-leaf binder ring (easily found at this Amazon link) and single-hole punch each card, placing them on the binder ring.

Holiday Cards organized the Good Order Way
Holiday Cards organized the Good Order Way!

The last card I attach is our own family’s card. Once that is done, you have an organized and contained ring of cards that is very easy to enjoy. Then just store them with the holiday decorations and pull them out the following year to keep all those memories present each holiday.

Congratulations, you have successfully cataloged the memories from another holiday with minimal effort. Keep the cards, toss the clutter!


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