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Moving Like an Expert

Most people dread moving for obvious reasons. Moving is one of the most stressful things you will do in your lifetime. In order to minimize that stress, working with a professional organizer and moving team is key. This is not a completely comprehensive guide, but if you aren’t in a position to hire help, here are some quick tips and tricks to help you navigate your next move.


Moving box with packing tape and an open first sticker.

Preparing to Move

Once you have identified where you are moving, you can use the following suggestions for guidance.

  • Checklist of everything you need to, easily found online

  • Hire a moving company and/or professional organizer if your budget allows

  • Purchase packing supplies (including boxes, tape, wrapping paper & box labels) 

  • Enlist the help of family and friends

  • Declutter as much as possible in advance (see February & March blog posts for helpful tips)

  • Pack early & often

Opinions vary about how far in advance you start packing and notifying others of your move. If you have more time, all the better, start making plans several months ahead of your move. If you don’t have that kind of advance warning, pick up where you can.

One to Two Weeks Before Your Move

Just keep telling yourself that you planned well and you are in good shape at this point!

  • Pack an overnight bag (with clothes and toiletries) and a “First Day” box of essentials for the first couple of days after moving

  • Consider pet needs as well and keep their food handy and whatever their “security blanket” is during your first days in your new home. If possible, arrange to have them boarded during the move with a kennel or family or friends.

  • Change your address with all banks, credit card companies and other vendors you have relationships with like online accounts, doctor’s office, pharmacy, schools and magazine subscriptions. USPS has a free Mover's Guide Packet to get you started, available in your local branch and includes move-related coupons

  • Transfer service with all utility companies and municipalities

  • Finalize packing so Moving Day and confirm dates & times with movers & organizers

  • Arrange for donation pick up or drop off of items in advance of your move, why pay to move what you plan to donate?

Day of the Move & Settling In

  • Arrange for a locksmith to change locks at new house

  • Schedule cable & internet technician appointment to set up new service

  • Open your “first day” box with your essentials which might include coffee maker, medications, nightlights, toilet paper, lightbulbs, towels, sheets, tool kit, cleaning supplies, trash bags and chargers for your electronic devices

  • Make your bed(s) first so when you finally finish, your bed will be waiting

Open moving box on carpeted floor with woman and dog on packing paper.

Remember to take breaks, deep breaths and enjoy the fun of a new home, despite all the hard work to get moved in. Welcome home!


Stacy Gooding, owner at Good Order, LLC in Beverly, MA. Smiling blonde woman looking directly at the camera smiling in a jean jacket.

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