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Streamline Your Move: The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Organizer as a Move Manager

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Organizer as your Move Manager

Continuing the theme of last month, moving can be one of the most stressful events of your life, which is why hiring someone who can objectively help minimize that stress is so important. Professional Organizers often act as Move Managers, bringing expertise and experience that can address all aspects of the move process from start to finish.  This may include floor planning, downsizing, packing, mover direction and unpacking and resettling at the new home.


The following steps illustrate what guidance from a Move Manager looks like: 

Stacy opening a moving box

Creating a move management plan together

The primary focus of creating a move plan includes the pre-move preparation, strategizing the new space and unpacking and settling into the new space. Each area contains steps and strategies that will streamline your moving plans and consider your budget, relationships with other vendors and managing expectations throughout the move.​

Preparing You for Your Move

Use a Move Manager to guide you through the timeline of your move and facilitate the process of finding, interviewing and vetting prospective preferred moving companies. This may include obtaining multiple moving quotes before choosing movers and securing your move date.  In addition to this key step, Move Managers can help with the following:

  • Sort all possessions for purging prior to a move

  • Space planning

  • Vendor referral, selection and oversight for related services such as clean-out services, appraisals, realtors, stagers, etc.

  • Contact charitable organizations to arrange for pick up of items to donate (obtain tax deduction receipt)

  • Contact estate sale company to assess what items can be sold

  • Contact shredding company if needed

  • Coordinate local deliveries if needed of items to be moved to family or friends

  • Act as a liaison with property management if applicable

Packing a Lifetime of Belongings

Packing is such a huge part of the move that can easily be mismanaged.  It is important to prepare for the packing and then pack with optimal efficiency and organization so unloading at your new home is effortless. Highlights of packing preparations include the following:

  • Order & Delivery of Packing Supplies 

  • Packing support/oversight

  • Strategic labeling (room assignment) and inventory management

  • If the move has multiple locations, create a color-coding system to ensure accuracy of deliveries

  • Oversee moving day and ensure loading of truck(s) is done in most efficient manner for easy settlement

Settling You into Your New Home

Once you arrive at your new home, it can feel overwhelming when you see a wall of boxes, but with some coordinated effort and planning, getting unpacked quickly and settling in can be achieved very quickly. Your move manager will:

  • Coordinate all aspects of the move with the moving company

  • Create floor plan(s) if needed

  • Direct unpacking and placing of items in agreed-upon locations in a new home

  • Coordinate essential areas  and “open first” boxes to set up bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen according to client’s needs and preferences

  • Organize closets and dressers

Stacy with moving boxes
A move manager can help make your move stress-free!


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